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I have made a commitment to myself and my family that I will be a success as a Shaklee Distributor. Being a total Tech Head, I am hell-bent on integrating “time saving” applications, software and web sites into how we conduct business amongst our team. I am very good at finding, trying and reviewing new apps that I come across that I think may benefit our business… The problem is, I spend A LOT of time trying these things out and end up not developing the actual business. WAY too much time trying to find the right tools to be efficient and not enough doing IPAs (Income Producing Activities *networking marketing speak*).

So, today I am going to start working less on finding new business productivity apps and start using the fabulous ones I have already found.

Basecamp: A project management app, web-based and has high, high, high reviews. Also integrated Campfire, which is a group chat app that integrates into Basecamp. Made by the same software company, 37Signals.

Before today, I have been struggling with how to organize our team (of three, right now) to stay on task week after week. I started by researching what other Shaklee Distributors did (the online tools they used)… but only if they are active, successful Distributors. I want to emulate someone that is “in-tune” to current technology and isn’t afraid to use it. I am convinced that if I find the right combination of old-school, traditional methods with some kick-ass web-based apps for business… out business will just hum along. That is the vision, at least.

So, in my Basecamp to-do list, with one year from now being the due date… I will post the task of STAYING ON TASK, now that I’ve found the right software. I’m also reading the book, REWORK, byJason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson, founders of 37Signals. More about that after I’ve read it.

Now, who wants to buy some vitamins??



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You have to understand “business”.

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